About Baby to Love Nursery Babies

If you have found my website by searching the term “Fake Baby”….Welcome to the world of life-like Babies!

The term “Fake Baby” was derived from the Channel 4 program which aired recently in the UK. These wonderful creations are called Reborn babies. Please also search using the term “Reborn Baby” or F.A.K.E. “Forever Angels Kept Everlasting.”

Each baby at the Nursery is made with many hours of tender loving care. I absolutely love the art of creating life-like babies. I use sculpts by artists from all over the world. You may recognize the work of Reva Schick, Kim Van de Wetering, Elly Knoops, Linda Scherer, Denise Pratt, Maribel Villanova, Eva Wakolbinger, and many other sculptors. I am honored and grateful to have so many wonderful sculptors provide my canvases.

I use only the finest oil paints on each of my babies. It takes many, many thin layers of paint applied to each doll part before I am completely satisfied that the most realistic skin tone has been achieved. Every wrinkle and fold is identified, as well as blushing and mottling where necessary.

I use only the finest angora mohair on each of my babies installing the hair one or two hairs at a time. There are many colors to choose from as well as curly or straight hair. The hair is sealed with waterproof glue on the inside and may be gently brushed and styled as desired. I can also apply dolly wigs if requested.

All of my babies have German Glass blown eyes. I have found them to be the best and most realistic looking baby eyes.

My babies are weighted with poly pellets, tiny glass beads and fibre-fil. Every baby has a doe suede body and is weighted with the most realistic, cuddly baby weight…. you just won’t want to put them down.

Baby to Love Nursery babies are not toys for small children. They are recommended for older children and doll collectors to be treasured for generations. They are a true work of art, a three dimensional painting…to be treated as gently as you would a real live baby!

Thank you for visiting Baby To Love Nursery website!

Much Love,